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Plastic Surgery of New York
Plastic Surgery of New York (PSNY) delivers outstanding aesthetic results in a pleasant and modern setting. With over 20 years of experience, they offer a broad range of procedures from reconstructive surgery to all aspects of cosmetic surgery.
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Look Natural Hair Restoration
Look Natural Hair Restoration is a hair transplant and restoration practice that specializes in achieving high-quality, natural-looking results.
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Laser by Monica
Laser by Monica was a new business in the health and beauty space.
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Optimal Gyms
Optimal Sport Health Club is a full-service gym brand with over 6,000 members.
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Pao is an app that helps you experience the world through your own eyes. Displaying the world’s hidden gems, users can discover new spots, upload their favourite places, and join communities based on their interests.
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OpenSky, now North America & Europe, is the innovative business-to-business trading platform Alibaba acquired in 2017.
Swoup is a micro-savings app that uses AI to learn your buying preferences and then find a discount proactively on those products.
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Magwind is a one-stop-shop for the global citizen with dedicated services to invest abroad and experience global citizenship in an easier and safer way.
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RHR International
RHR International is a preeminent leadership consulting firm bringing a behavioral science point of view.
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Hey Kiddo
HeyKiddo™ is a complete system developed by psychologists to help kiddos and their grownups build lifelong social, emotional, and leadership skills.
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Magwind is a one-stop-shop for the global citizen with dedicated services to invest abroad and experience global citizenship in an easier and safer way.
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BondView helps bond investors see the forest for the trees by turning raw data into valuable information to promote smart decision making about municipal bonds.
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Oppenheimer Funds
OppenheimerFunds, Inc. is an investment firm offering portfolio management and advisory services to individuals, institutions, trusts, private funds, charitable organizations, and investment companies
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InMedia Consulting
InMedia Consultants is an entertainment consulting firm, providing invaluable industry advice, and a customized road map to move artists towards their career goals.
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Verizon is an American wireless network operator.
"King’s Crest was crucial in all the elements to start up. They coached me in terms of why I started my business. It’s more important to know the why, and what you’re offering people, versus how you’re doing it. You have to find the strong why. That was really crucial."
Monica Heller Monica Heller Founder, Laser by Monica
"Saul is a bulldog! That’s a compliment in every sense of the word. If you need something to get done, Saul will get it done. He’s the kind of person you can hand any project to, big or small, and know that he will get it done with excellence no matter what obstacles he has in his way. He’s smart, organized, focused, driven, and is a rare person who can work in startups and Fortune 500 companies with equal effectiveness. I highly recommend Saul and envy anyone who hires him."
Matt M Matt M Founder and Executive Chairman at BARK
"Saul was the Project Manager for the Web side of our project to move the Avenue website to a proprietary platform;- within an unimaginable short time period. In this, he maintained thorough details, solicited and insisted on timely decisions, and was relentless in his follow up and drive to hit schedule. Not surprising, all went well. Just the type of person you need for any highly detailed and difficult project!"
Julie D Julie D VP Digital Commerce at Ashley Stewart
"You’re probably luckier to have them than they are to have you."
Phil P Phil P Founder, The Swoup App
"Saul led the transformation of our Operations team from a disparate team of managers to a confident, autonomous, and deeply integrated team of true business leaders. He did this as only Saul can; with infectious positivity, masterful emotional intelligence, and an authenticity that makes him popular with everyone that have the privilege to work with him. He leaves us deeply grateful for all he contributed to our growth story and hopeful that we may one day have the opportunity to employ his talents again."
Rupert H Rupert H Co-founder & COO at Learnlight