Laser by Monica

Laser by Monica
“When I first started, my goal was to be able to stay open and pay my bills. Thanks to Kings Crest’s coaching, I was able to budget and not only did I stay afloat, but I turned a small profit within my first year. Four years on and I am increasing my numbers significantly every year. It’s gotten to the point that my business is now very self-sustaining.”
CHALLENGE Laser by Monica was a new business in the health and beauty space. The company’s founder, Monica, needed support in all elements of starting up, including financial and operational consulting. Kings Crest Global stepped in to support, deploying expert strategy and 25+ years of experience building and growing successful businesses.
WHERE KINGS CREST GLOBAL COMES IN Our consulting work began with research and discovery, getting to know the ins and outs of the business, and most importantly, the “why”. This led to regular coaching, in which our business strategy experts supported and coached through a wide range of vital startup decisions. We also helped Monica to enter negotiations about key equipment required to launch her business. The goal was to create a relatively self-sufficient business, and four years down the road, Monica is well on her way to that.
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"King’s Crest was crucial in all the elements to start up. They coached me in terms of why I started my business. It’s more important to know the why, and what you’re offering people, versus how you’re doing it. You have to find the strong why. That was really crucial."
Monica Heller Monica Heller Founder, Laser by Monica