Oppenheimer Funds

Oppenheimer Funds
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WHERE KINGS CREST GLOBAL COMES IN Saul analyzed and assessed the most innovative digital communication channels available. He employed leading technologies and talent to create impactful dialogue with Oppenheimer’s clients, empowering Oppenheimer to sell with sophisticated client insights.
THE RESULTS Saul spearheaded the delivery of premier digital products to reach new audiences with specific emphasis on innovation, strategy, and emerging platforms. Building and leveraging an engine to predict and act upon user behavior, Oppenheimer realized over $1B in sales throughout his tenure. Under Saul’s direction, the firm also launched a new website to streamline communication with its audience. Oppenheimer was awarded the Kasina Group’s Best Financial Services Website award in 2013 for this initiative. Furthermore, Saul and his team created a mobile app that empowered clients to understand their investments through innovative data visualizations, providing them with an invaluable and cutting-edge digital experience.
“King’s Crest has been very supportive of the app itself. As a three-person startup, you have a lot of ups and downs. So having somebody on a daily basis checking in, telling you how great you are and stuff like that really helps create a positive mindset for the business - and also just for our mental state as human beings, too!”
Maddie Myall Maddie Myall Co-Founder