“King’s Crest saw the value of the product I was creating to help other people and knew how to leverage technology to the benefit of a business. I had never started an app before, and King’s Crest filled in the gaps that I had no idea needed to be filled. From our beta launch in April 2017 through December 2018, we gained 3,000 customers and became the first company in the U.S. to launch a non-barcode charitable mobile discount with Walgreens. I was very pleased.”
CHALLENGE Swoup is a micro-savings app that uses AI to learn your buying preferences and then find a discount proactively on those products. It captures the savings and puts it away for you into a predetermined pot that you’ve set. The founders of Swoup had never started an app before. They were looking for guidance around every aspect of starting up.
WHERE KINGS CREST GLOBAL COMES IN King’s Crest advised and worked on many different aspects of starting up the company. From completing patent applications to presentations for investors and advice on sourcing technology resources. We also advised on finances and funding.
Swoup was able to launch successfully and now partners with major brands such as Walgreens. Swoup functions with all 3,0000+ physical retail locations and online. Customers now spend an average of over 3.4 minutes per session on the app flipping through discounts.
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“King’s Crest has been very supportive of the app itself. As a three-person startup, you have a lot of ups and downs. So having somebody on a daily basis checking in, telling you how great you are and stuff like that really helps create a positive mindset for the business - and also just for our mental state as human beings, too!”
Maddie Myall Maddie Myall Co-Founder